b. 1986, HK.

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Manu is that weird mix of designer, entrepreneur and engineer that could bring a huge impact to your organization, connecting the identification of user needs through design research, the generation of interesting concepts, and the power to turning them into real kick-ass products. All of this while keeping a strategic point of view along the way. You don’t need to understand Manu, you just need to trust him.

Originally from Argentina, he is currently living in California, where he is a candidate at the MS Design Program from Stanford University.

As an undergrad, he did Industrial Engineering at Universidad de Buenos Aires. After a couple of years in industry as an engineer, he got a scholarship to do the MA in Business Design at the Italian design school Domus Academy.

Manu is super sociable and definitely the creative type. Whenever he gets the chance, you will find him either making something at the woodshop, trying out a new recipe, learning a new song in the guitar, or doing some outdoorsy activity like surf, climbing or biking. But he will always be in good company.

Manu is available for a chat, and why not, open for collaboration opportunities.

CV available upon request.