As dream come true for any strategic designer, I was called to help in the build up of a design-driven innovation program within Fabrica, a newly founded space depending from Argentina's Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation. With no similar public initiatives anywhere in the world, this program's mission is to achieve high-impact social innovation through the creative power of design, in collaboration with public and private universities. My role in the project is to take the learnings from its short existence, and with the help of other experienced designers, organization members and global references such as IDEO.org, Domus Academy, Stanford Design Impact, Uncommon, Hyperisland, to ideate and prototype a toolkit and organizational system that can help the program achieve its objectives. Once this first proposal is ready, my role in Fabrica will be the one of project mentor while hosting the first cycle of projects for communities from different regions of Argentina as an initial iteration from which to learn from, adjust and validate. The mid-long term goal of our work, besides of generating higher impact solutions, is to, with the help of local governments, to spread this work methodology into regional and international “Fabricas” that can replicate it, making the impact even higher. 

I feel very proud for having the chance of being a part of the creation of something so big and powerful. Fabrica is today the place where I can deploy all my strengths and where they are most useful. I bring structure and organization as a base for creativity to flow and reach higher grounds. At the same time, it is a place where I am learning so much day by day in the process of creation, working together with very talented people from different backgrounds and best of all learning from and working for communities in need.