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100% Scholarship Thesis Project - Domus Academy
Milan, Italy

As part of a program in collaboration with important organizations from the Milanese Design Industry, Fondazione Bassetti and Cosmit, Domus Academy awarded me with a full scholarship for their Masters of Arts in Business Design. In exchange, I was required to work on a thesis project that consisted on a strategy to encourage the design activities in Milan, and in this way help this hub to relocate itself in the centre of the world of design. 

The project lasted for the whole year, in which I went through a typical full length design-driven innovation process. It started at the research, for which studying and combining different social research methodologies I developed my own, working together with a designer that was working on a similar project. Then I analyzed and processed the collected data, grouping it into clusters and defining key drivers that had a strong potential to define the future of design in the world. And finally, using these key drivers and with the support of further desk research, I proposed the guidelines for six practical actions composing the aimed strategy, ready to be discussed and viable to be implemented. 

In conclusion, the project did not only responded to the aim, but it left a deep data collection and its analysis, regarding the past, present and future of design in the world, and more specifically in Milan. In a personal basis, it was a tiring but very rewarding experience, as it put me out of my comfort zone. Information was not abundant, so it forced me to creatively come up with a research methodology in order to gather it and use it as a platform to create from. It also made me get in contact with very important and diverse players from the milanese design industry and this way understand it from different perspectives. This effort put in the research and interpretation phases, for afterwords working on the proposal, made my project very rich and let me experience a creative process as a whole, learning by doing and understanding its power.