Research & Experience Design - Barilla

Seed - Mediterranean Fast Food for North American Market

Barilla - Parma, Italy

As a project within the Masters in Business Design Program at Domus Academy, I was part of a team working for Barilla, the biggest Italian food company. 

We were briefed to explore new consumption occasions and/or products, as a way to extend the market and export the qualities in which Italy is good. 

Working together with designers, we came up with SEED, a project to encourage nutrition and healthy eating through the Mediterranean diet in Fast Food North America. Using Barilla’s resources, Seed would enable Barilla to move into new territories as an Italian Food Company and not just a producer of Pasta. In order to achieve this, we proposed a space that would combine an Urban garden on one side and a healthy fast food cafe on the other. By this way, we could provide consumers with the connection to food origins and benefits from the Urban Gardens together with the convenience of quick access to healthy food. Moreover, the initiative of Seed would educate people through new user experiences, products and services that would create a stronger brand loyalty and a new market territory for Barilla. At the end, the proposal was so well taken by the company that they invited us to the company headquarters at Parma to present the project to the innovation department head. 

In this project, I realized how powerful is bringing a structured and organized mind into a creative process working together with designers. It both helped me learn about the way they think and work and it helped take take better advantage of the creativity of designers. I was the one with the feet on the ground, trying to turn their ideas into strategic proposals for the company.